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Active Life

Active Life

Active Life - Pirsum Yarok.

Find Out Activities In Beit Shemesh For Children And Adults


Find out some Active Life in the city.

When you engage in physical activity all through the day, it means that you have an active lifestyle. So, any activity that awakens you to start moving is part of an active lifestyle.

Some of these physical activities could be bowling, climbing, or using the playgrounds. Other types of activity like reading a book, are different from physical activity. Sitting in one place without much movement means that you have a sedentary lifestyle.

People who have an active life enjoy numerous benefits. And, some of them include:

  • Helps you engage in daily activities at ease

Engaging in daily activities can help condition the muscles, lungs, and heart. As a result, you will do your daily activities easily without feeling exhausted.

  • Increases your health

Physical activity helps reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart disease.

Now, let’s get into the details of some of these activities that could help you have an active life.

Table of Contents


Bowling in the city

Bowling is an aimed sport and recreational activity. Players roll a ball toward another target or pin.

Beit Shemesh 

This city will offer you a wonderful bowling experience. Also, it’s a nice place to hang out with your friends and family. You can take your kids there for an outing to give them a treat.


Bnei Brak

Near to Bnei Brak has the Ramat Gan Bowling stadium, which is endowed with 14 professional bowling alleys that host the best players, tournaments, and leagues in the country. Besides the bowling alleys, you’ll see a restaurant and bar, play video games, and listen to good music. Thus, the place is perfect for celebrating formation days, company events, and birthdays. Also, you can visit to play bowling with friends after a long day at work.


In the gold city is not left out either as it has several bowling centers to help you have an active life. One of them is the Bowling Arbel Lev Talpiyot mall, Jerusalem. And, it is a wonderful place to hang out. Also, it has a cute playground that is suitable for children.


Playground active life for children

Playgrounds that have fitness or sports equipment attract both adults and children to become more active and take good care of their health. Some of the crucial skills that playgrounds build includes:

  • Cognitive

  • Social

  • Physical

  • Sensory

Bet Shemesh, Bnei Brak, and Jerusalem have wonderful playgrounds for children to enjoy an active life.

Fitness & Instruction

Fitness & Instruction

Fitness deals with a lot more than the exercise itselfThat’s because it’s a stimulus for positive change. Fitness instruction means training and consultation to improve fitness and physical well-being under the mentorship of a trained and certified professional.

Fitness instruction entails showing how exercises are carried out and helping customers adhere to the right tactic to ensure proper fitness and minimal injuries. Also, they enforce safety rules and regulations on recreational activities, sports, and the use of each exercise equipment.

Fitness trainers are available in dance studios, Gyms, Pilates, and martial arts centers in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, and Bet Shemesh. If you want to start swimming lessons/school, Tai chi, or Yoga exercises, zumba you will also find them there.


Gyms places

One primary place where people usually go to engage in physical activities to get fit is a gym. The goal is to help people learn new exercise techniques and training methods to meet their weight-loss target. Exercising at gyms helps improve heart health, muscle building, and sport performance objectives. Fitness trainers work hand-in-hand with clients to show them how to carry out different exercise routines and keep them motivated.

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