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Category: Businesses

21 October

As part of the Muni Expo exhibition currently being held, the Beit Shemesh Municipality is presenting a smart system for garbage removal. Zion Maman from Beit Shemesh Municipality and Dudu Gemo, head of the Operations Administration, are leading a process of smart garbage removal that will save the authority a lot of money on the […]

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07 October

A working meeting was held today between Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Oded Forer, and the City Treasurer Arie Bardugo to advance efforts to bring about a government decision that will benefit the city of Beit Shemesh. The meeting presented to the Minister the efforts for economic development in […]

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12 August

Municipality of Bet Shemesh announced Another huge deal in Beit Shemesh: Fox has announced to the stock exchange its intention to establish a business center in Beit Shemesh, which will coordinate the company’s logistics and distribution activities, along with an office and commercial building, which will serve the company and its subsidiaries in the Fox […]

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03 June

Word 1: You The word “you” is powerful for your advertising. Every customer would like to feel unique , so you make that message feel personal. Word 2: Giveaway A good idea to catch leads for your product or service is to use the word “giveaway”. Running a giveaway is one of the best ways […]

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