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Community Services/ Non Profit

Community SERVICES
non profit

Find Out Volunteering services, Kupot Tzedaka, Giveaways and More in Beit Shemesh and RBS.

Table of Contents

Israel Community


Maybe no other country in the world sparks fierce disputes as often as Israel. Usually, some individuals wrongfully label this beautiful place as a war-torn community. But, in reality, Israel is a peaceful and relaxed place.


Israel is home to a broadly diverse population of more than 8 million citizens. And each of them comes from a different religious, social, ethnic, and cultural background, which helps contribute to its dynamic democracy.


The Israeli community offers a long list of programs to help its inhabitants who are not well-to-do.

Israel Community Volunteers

Donation Box

Israel community has several dazzling volunteering opportunities. From help to elderly people in special a holocaust survivor, free food for people in need. Also the  learning different ways to build environmentally friendly structures. People who participate in volunteer jobs in Israel reach both rural and urban areas.

Let us take a look at some of the best ways to work as an Israeli volunteer.

Volunteer in education-related services

Volunteer with Special kid

You will find some educational programs in Israel in specific communities. Poor foundation in English could be a socio-economic barrier for Israelis residing in isolated communities. That is because there is no opportunity for them to come across native English speakers. Thus, volunteering could help create an impact in some of these communities.


Also, volunteers can offer child care services and help people with physical disabilities.


Volunteer in Eco building

Volunteers plant trees

If you desire to learn new skills and get a sustainable living, volunteering in an eco-lodge resort could be helpful. Possible work that you can do there includes cleaning, welcoming guests, and cooking in the community.

Also, there is an opportunity for you to garden, create sustainable products, create new benches, renovate existing buildings, and much more. After finishing your daily tasks, you can relax around the campfire and stare at the skies.

Israel Community Charity

Free bags Food

Israeli charity organizations enable individuals to donate to the Israel community transparently and respectfully. Also, its goal is to help reduce the rate of poverty on a dietary and financial level to make a more upright and better society.

These charity organizations have a substantial scope of activities which is possible due to several volunteers and donors. Donating to an Israeli charitable organization means that you want to create change and make the world a better place for the needy.

Israeli charitable organizations were established to help low- income Jews families with large numbers of children, Torah studious families and ensure that they live in physical and financial security. To enable them to succeed in their work and studies, they need the support of civil society and willingness to donate funds and time to Israeli charities.

Israel Community Giveaways

Volunteers distribute food

One way of supporting the Israeli community is through giveaways. Daily, people are encouraged to support local businesses to promote one thing or the other.

Some Israeli cities like Bnei Brak serve free food to people who came for the coronavirus vaccination campaign to encourage vaccination. These kinds of giveaways usually draw attention from uninterested individuals. Some marketing agencies use freebies as a way of getting attention from their targeted audience.

Because of the giveaways, the community national vaccination campaign became a huge success.


Selling of products

Clothes Donation

Does the classic appearance of people please you? If yes, you will be delighted to know that Israel is a community where the selling of second-hand clothes is on the rise. But it is way more than that.

Buying and selling second-hand products is predominant in the world today, not only in Israel. After all, it’s not everyone that has the money to visit boutiques or classic stores. People doing the business are making lots of cash. In the end, many of them donate the money they get from selling second-hand products to charities.

Some organizations even auction second-hand items to use the money and provide for the needy.

So, you can join the Israeli society and render help where necessary.

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