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Maccabi Health Services (Donna Center)


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Kupat Holim Maccabi, is one of the four Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) currently active in Israel. It was founded in September 1940 and began operating in August 1941.

Maccabi’s services are based upon the Israeli National Health Services Basket and the Maccabi Services Basket. Maccabi members can benefit from additional paid coverage through the Additional Health Services. Maccabi has three levels of Additional Health Services on offer: Maccabi Silver, Maccabi Gold, and Maccabi Sheli.

In addition to insurance programs meant for Israeli residents Maccabi also has a unique program meant for foreign citizens as well as returning Israeli citizens.

Amongst Maccabi’s divisions and subsidiaries are:

  • Maccabi Pharm – Over 90 pharmacies across the country.
  • Maccabi Care – A private label, includes various healthcare products sold at Maccabi Pharm.
  • Maccabi Tivi – Complementary medicine clinics offering a unique combination of body and soul treatments under medical supervision.
  • MaccabiDent – Dental clinics also servicing members of other HMOs.
  • Maccabi at First Sight – A chain of about 100 optometry stores.
  • Assuta Medical Centers – Medical centers, including four hospitals as well as several clinics and medical institutes.
  • Bayit Balev – Assisted living chain for the elderly, including nursing care wards.
  • Beity – Home-care services for the elderly.
  • Beside these, Maccabi also operates projects for its members’ welfare:
  • The Maccabi Fund – An association providing financial assistance, loans, scholarships and welfare services.
  • Maccabi Shefa – A consumer club aiming to promote healthy products.

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