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Rav Kav – Bet Shemesh's Travel Card Services


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Rav Kav – Bet Shemesh’s travel card Services

The Rav-Kav is a smart card used as the main form of payment for public transportation in Israel. It can be used to take the train or bus. If you take the bus, it is the only form of payment accepted.

Rav-Kav Online is an innovative service that enables passengers to load their Rav-Kav card in many ways:

Service operator in Beit Shemesh: Nateev Express ( Bet Shemesh Express)

If you lost/ fault  your Rav Kav or you want to load the Rav Kav, go to our offices

 Mercaz Mischari -Ramat Gimmel 2 , Street : Yeshayahu Hanavi 4


Q Are you open in Erev Chag?

Yes, we are opening from 8:00 am till 14:00

Q Are you open in Shabbat?

No , It is closed


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